Keeping Security Technology Connected and Data Protected Even During Outages

An Opengear Case Study


IPSec specializes in information asset security. Providing ease of mind by reducing network risks, IPSec delivers remotely managed services to customers in a variety of industries. Their clients trust them to monitor and manage information security, and IPSec has to meet service level agreement objectives, which requires knowing the operational condition of environments at all times and providing a resilient network. If a disruption does occur, they previously had to go on site to a customer’s data center and try to remediate.

The solution had to meet several criteria:

  • Provide a redundant path for connectivity in the event there’s a primary connection outage
  • Ensure offline systems can be accessed remotely
  • Reduce costs associated with personnel travel to complete diagnostic functions
  • Honor client service agreements


IPSec chose to deploy Opengear devices within their customers’ environments to ensure redundant paths of communication – at a cost efficient price. As a managed security service provider, IPsec has a responsibility to protect intelligence, data and information – and to do this remotely, they chose to deploy the range of Opengear solutions. These include the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager, ACM-Resilience Gateway and CM7100 Console Manager. Increasing confidence from customers with reliable and flexible implementations, they consider Opengear fit for purpose solution.

Able to ensure diagnostic checks can be performed if a disruption occurs, IPSec can quickly and remotely identify issues without sending a technician to a customer’s site – using Smart Out-of-Band. If the primary link is unavailable, Failover to Cellular provides internet connectivity for remote LANs and equipment using highspeed 4G LTE. Using IP Passthrough, the network is able to run smoothly. The device flexibility of these solutions also allows the organization to quickly scale to meet constant customer demands.

Utilizing Opengear’s Smart OOB™ solutions featuring embedded cellular capabilities has provided IPSec with very affordable out-of-band access for redundant management paths and increased IT Resilience.

Since deploying these solutions, IPSec has seen such success that they’ve since added more to their customer’s sites and consider Opengear a keystone component to the future of their managed services plans.

IPSec’s needs have been fulfilled and now:

  • Have a greater trust and reliability with customers since information protected by IPSec remains secure
  • Has improved business confidence and trust as clients know IPSec is doing its job even during primary connection outages
  • Can perform diagnostics and maintenance quickly remotely
  • Has secured its position as an always-on service

Information Security

IPSec specializes in information asset security, providing technological expertise in how to mitigate risk to business by implementing endto-end solutions that protect invaluable intelligence, data and information. The company acts as a guardian of business confidence, providing high level protection and optimal assurance of an organization’s security posture. Based in Australia, IPSec works with all industry verticals and supports assets of customers with an international presence.