IPSec provides remotely-delivered managed security services.

When IPSec’s customers entrust them with the management, monitoring and maintenance of their information security solutions, they expect that the company knows the operational condition of their environment at all times. Should the primary communication path become unavailable, IPSec requires a backup method to ensure it can reach its service level agreement objectives.

When outages occur, IPSec workers have needed to physically attend the customer’s data center to assist in resolving any issues. This requires personnel travel to perform basic diagnostic functions, delaying the time to resolution and increasing costs.

Their Challenges:

  • Create a redundant path for reliable connectivity with solutions managed and monitored by IPSec
  • Gain remote access to offline systems in distant locations
  • Reduce costs associated with personnel travel for basic diagnostic functions
  • Honor client service agreements while improving the value offered to clients

Utilizing Opengear’s Smart OOB™ solutions featuring embedded cellular capabilities has provided IPSec with very affordable out-of-band access for redundant management paths and increased IT Resilience.


IPSec deployed Opengear products within its customers’ IT environments to provide redundant paths of communication to the devices under its management. Utilizing Opengear’s remote management technology — with out-of-band embedded cellular capabilities — allows IPSec to provide a level of confidence to customers that would otherwise require more expensive secondary communication paths. To that end, Opengear allows IPSec to perform diagnostics checks quickly in the event of critical communication failures, without needing personnel to visit locations.

IPSec has used Opengear for over five years (including IM, CM, & ACM product families) with consistently positive experiences. They consider their Opengear solutions a very stable and fit-for-purpose technology.

IPSec has been particularly impressed with the reliability and flexibility of the Opengear implementations. With the more recent introduction of 4G networking, they view Opengear solutions as critical to their future plans for managed services.

Additional benefits to IPSec and their customers include:

  • Greater trust and reliability that information protected by IPSec remains secure
  • Improved business confidence and trust as clients know IPSec is doing its job even during primary connection outages
  • Diagnostics and maintenance are performed quickly remotely
  • In an industry all about assurance, IPSec is secure in its position as an always-on service