Cellular Out-Of-Band Management and the Demand for Faster Returns on IT Investment




Watch as Gary Marks, President of Opengear, explains how our cellular out-of-band solutions can remedy the issue of returns on IT investment. Wireless out-of-band access costs far less than analog phone lines. So they achieve rapid ROI.


Today everybody in the technology space is being squeezed to get more and deliver more for less. That pain point exists for network administrators, managers, everybody in the data center, as they are being pushed by their financial people to deliver more cost effective solutions and as they acquire new technology, that the return on that technology be very quick.

That’s where cellular technology comes in and plays very well to that model. Because the cost of cellular technology is much, much lower than the cost of analog phone lines today, where analog phone lines will even continue to exist.  The example is a five-dollar monthly data package  on cellular versus the potential to spend forty to fifty dollars a month just for an analog phone line. With larger companies that have commitments to larger carriers — that cost per month could be even less. So there is a tremendous benefit and a tremendous quick return on the investment, and that makes the financial decision much more palatable.