Cellular Out-Of-Band Solutions Do More Than You Think

Our solutions monitor events, proactively detect faults, and alert remote operators anywhere in real-time.


Opengear Chariman Bob Waldie explains how our Smart OOB™ out-of-band solutions help network administrators manage their IT infrastructure with greater efficiency. Learn about the advantages of our products and how they integrate with cellular technology.


So we embed the cellular 4G, LTE communications capabilities into all of our edge solutions. This means two things — it means that the servicer, the network operator, can be advised on a network event no matter where they are on their smart phone, on their tablet. They can actually learn of an outage at a remote site and they can take restorative action. They can actually go along and power cycle the device. They can go along, and they can go and upload a new configuration into a remote device at a remote site.

And that’s one of the unique benefits that we give to our customers. Probably more importantly than just the capacity to communicate is you can do it real time. You can do it no matter where the corrective action is to be taken. You can notify someone, and if they’re not there, we’ve got the smarts in our device that we can actually take alternate notifications. If one person doesn’t respond within a time, then that smart device will say, “Problem’s still there. I should elevate this, and I should take some action and notify someone else, or take some other embed rule book in our devices to actually take this sequence of actions.