Coronavirus – Supply Chain Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Supply Chain Update

As a part of Digi International, we are working closely with our parent company to monitor the current situation. Digi have shared the following update:

April 2, 2020

During this critical time, Digi International continues to do business and serve our customers with the same commitment to timeliness and quality as always. To ensure we identify and address critical updates around COVID-19 while maintaining safety and security, Digi has activated an executive pandemic response plan. This includes a daily standup meeting from our executive team. This team monitors the situation closely and provides direction and guidance based on advice from recognized international health bodies, together with official guidance from government, municipal and local authorities. In situations like these, Digi moves quickly to take action to minimize potential risk for our employees, customers, suppliers and our business.

Protecting Digi Staff

Our employees’ safety is our utmost concern. To mitigate the risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus, Digi employees are required to use virtual meetings and to work from home with the exception of limited access by those who must be on-site. To protect those workers, local operations teams in each separate facility have implemented strict separation of shifts to help ensure business continuity in case of illness.

Business Continuity

Digi is an essential business. We design and manufacture embedded,  network, router, and temperature monitoring products and services that go into a wide range of infrastructure critical to societal functions such as medical devices, hospitals, first responder vehicles, water/wastewater management systems, communications systems and datacenters.

Our Supply Chain

As for our supply chain, we manufacture product in many different worldwide locations and fulfill product from multiple locations. In part we do this to create redundancy and to ensure that we can continue to manufacture products and serve our customers. As the impact of the COVID-19 virus evolves, every Digi facility has a business continuity team in place to work with our supply chain and help manage local, regional and global developments.

Even though the majority of our tier-one supply base doesn’t reside in China, many of the component manufacturers do. Commodities such as die castings, plastics, PCBs, cabling, and power supplies all come from China. We did have some initial disruption following the outbreak of Covid-19, the subsequent extension of the 2020 Lunar New Year Holiday and new regulations enacted to safeguard factories and workers in China. At this time, these facilities have all resumed operations, and are nearing their previous capacity.

As the virus continues to spread worldwide, we continue to communicate with our suppliers, fulfillment, and logistics centers to ensure we have business continuity plans in place to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our customers and their businesses.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this unprecedented time and we are working tirelessly to continue to service all of our customers.

Order Placement and Fulfillment

As we strive to ensure our customers have timely deliveries of Digi products and services, we encourage you to place your orders with Digi well in advance. Digi can serve you most effectively if we know the demand well in advance.

Digi continually looks at optimizing our supply chain, and we are responding quickly to changing market dynamics in order to minimize impacts to our business and disruptions to our customers. We thank you for putting your trust in us.