E-books & White Papers

Security & Resilience in Financial Networks

White paper: This white paper discusses the risks of network outages and how to build a more resilient finance network.

Building Network Resilience

Network Resilience: Keeping the network running at the core and out to the edge of the infrastructure, with no disruption to the customer experience in the event of human error, external issues or hardware failures.

Building a Resilient Retail Network

White Paper: Retailers depend on a reliable network infrastructure to complete transactions, ensure security compliance and schedule logistics.

SD-WAN & Out-of-Band: A Smart Solution

White Paper: Modern networks need to be optimized and flexible enough to handle ever-increasing bandwidth.

Keeping Your Cellular Modem Secure

White Paper: Guidelines on keeping your IP connection secure for Opengear devices with built-in cellular

How Resilient Is Your Data Center?

e-Book: Implementing an out-of-band solution that delivers 24/7 access to your data center network devices even when your network is down

Living On The Edge: OOB at Remote Sites

e-Book: Understanding the critical considerations in order to avoid costly downtime at remote sites.