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Opengear Booth at Presidio Exchange 2014I recently participated in the Presidio Exchange 2014 forum. Presidio holds this event as a focused training and knowledge transfer opportunity allowing the Presidio engineering and sales teams to meet with key partners for in-depth training sessions and hands-on labs. This was my first time attending Presidio’s national conference and representing Opengear. It was Opengear’s second year exhibiting. It was a great opportunity to meet network engineers, solution architects, project managers and data center engineers in a casual environment. The level of technical expertise was very high and it was good to talk to an audience that already had a good understanding of console server management. By the end of the first day, I had my “Opengear in 90 seconds and why your customers need this” speech down pat! The most exciting part was delivering our cellular out-of- band failover message. Not many of the guys knew that they could save their customers money by switching them from analog phone lines to 4G LTE, not to mention the increased reliability that cellular brings. Over the two days, our Senior Sales Engineer, Dan Baxter, and I talked to hundreds of Presidio customer facing engineers and got them thinking about how Opengear could eliminate some of their customer’s headaches and save them money. We showed them how Opengear is leading the cellular out-of-band management revolution and they want to bring that message to their accounts. During the event, we were able to tweet out a few additional images of the event, which can be seen here. All in all, a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth!