Managing Remote IT Infrastructure




Gary Marks, President of Opengear, explains our dedication to delivering solutions that allow customers to seamlessly access and manage devices, no matter where they reside.
With more compute being pushed to the network edge, and more networks to control, we realize network administrators need a more robust management platform. That’s why we developed Lighthouse. It’s a single point of management for your entire out-of-band infrastructure.


With the advent of the cloud, the borders of network are really eliminated. Equipment can be anywhere, from any geographic location, in any part of the world. And with the internet and with connectivity, you can seamlessly touch these devices out there.

So the need exists now to be able to remotely access this technology, no matter where it is. Opengear is really focused on answering these needs in the marketplace and delivering the ability to access this technology. You’ve probably read also about this concept of Internet of Things. The whole idea there is that no matter where you are, you’re able to access this information, and you want to access that information as quickly as possible. Well that equipment, again, needs to be in a lot of different locations and lots of different sites. And so it’s really important to be able to keep that network up and running and efficient at all times. Again, that’s where Opengear comes in. We provide the ability to manage, remotely access, troubleshoot and fix those devices that exist, regardless of where they are out of the network.

Our product line has really evolved as well. When the company was founded, it was focused on delivering the best serial console device, with the greatest amount of features that existed, with the primary focus of being within a rack in a data center. As the network has evolved and the borders have really been eliminated, the ability to manage devices out there is important. So we have created devices that let you go anywhere from rack mount to single or a number of ports and be able to put these devices anywhere out there. From cell towers to cruise ships to tanks in the field to any type device that is needed to be accessed remotely. On top of that with all of these disparate networks that exist out there and disparate equipment out there, the need for a management platform and the need for management player has become more and more important.

That’s why Opengear developed the Lighthouse platform, which is our software platform or our software technology, that allows you to manage and remotely access all these devices regardless of where they are. It also provides a very vendor-neutral platform such that you can access other devices, other power technologies, sensors and other things because we want to be able to enable our customers the ability to gather all types of data and act on that data that exists out there.