Networks Need Opengear

Networks Need Opengear, including yours

On the First Day, Worst Day, and Every Day, you need a comprehensive solution for always-on access to your connected resources. The Network Resilience Platform, featuring our Lighthouse Software Solution, OM1200, OM2200 and CM8100 product families, provides access to your critical network devices – at all times. Ensure business continuity by leveraging advanced Smart Out of Band, Failover to Cellular and automation capabilities.

For the First Day

Opengear solutions allow engineers to save time and ensure security on the most crucial of days with Zero Touch Provisioning. Combining the capabilities of a Smart Out of Band with the flexibility of automation, organizations have presence and proximity to their critical devices. Network configs and images are able to be stored securely while engineers also have the ability to run standard automation tools. Our console servers provide a new way to remotely automate operations at every location.

For the Worst Day

Even during an outage, the Network Resilience Platform ensures access to your network. Providing an independent management plane, network engineers have a secure, alternative path to the network during a disruption. Smart Out of Band, Failover to Cellular, and automation capabilities ensure that businesses have the critical bandwidth needed to ensure processes continue to operate, even during an outage. IT teams have expedited access to affected infrastructure and the ability to automate recovery, without having to send a tech on-site.

For Every Day

Get the presence and proximity you need every day to your managed devices. Ensuring a secure physical connection to physical appliances and a virtual connection to virtual appliances, network engineers can access connected resources at all times. Enabling the ability to manage, monitor and remediate with an independent Out of Band network, Opengear solutions also provide a hosting platform for applications and scripts.