Out-Of-Band vs. The Production Interface


Watch as Dan Baxter, Senior Sales Engineer at Opengear, explains how our solutions allow you to maintain and manage the remote sites on your network without interrupting even a single packet on your production IP. Out-Of-Band Management allows for easy daily maintenance and management of your remote infrastructure without your network admins leaving their desks, and without disrupting other critical network traffic.


Many companies have policies in place prohibiting accessing a device for management and maintenance over its production IP. So what they end up doing is that they create a management network and they access this through the Out-Of-Band. That’s really the Out-Of-Band in Out-Of-Band. I’m going to come in on a different access. So if you look at the Out-Of-Band management through the lifecycle of an asset, what you find is when the asset goes in, in it’s first time configuration, it’s easier to put an Out-Of-Band management device on that device and let your network admins stay at their workstation as opposed to driving to a location to do preliminary setup.

Once the device is in production you might have day-to-day maintenance in checking of the device. Well that’s where Out-Of-Band comes into play again. I’m going to come in, in an Out-Of-Band access, I’m going to come into the Opengear device, and I’m going to connect to the console port as opposed to the production interface and SSH interconnecting directly to it on the production interface. Because that production interface is where the transactions are occurring; it’s where orders are being placed, It’s where services are being turned on or off or ordered from customers. And you don’t want to interfere with a single one of those packets. Those packets mean money, and they don’t want you doing management on that interface.