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 New Lighthouse features aimed at ensuring the network edge is as resilient as the core

Edison, NJ – June 4, 2019 – Opengear (, a leading provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, today announced that it will be exhibiting at Cisco Live 2019 and participating in the event’s Tech Field Day Extra. Opengear will be unveiling several new product features at its booth (#2728) that empower customers to improve the reliability of their network.

Opengear continues to focus on network resilience—keeping the network running at the core and out to the edge of the infrastructure, with no disruption to the customer experience in the event of network issues. By broadening the capabilities of the Lighthouse central management system, the company is expanding the value of Out-of-Band (OOB) management to support organizations as they build out their networks to the edge. A new SD-infrastructure module within the NetOps AutomationTM platform provides a level of resilience to SD-branch deployments, while the new Lighthouse Enterprise edition enables organizations to manage their entire, globally distributed network from a single dashboard and access devices via Remote IP protocols.

As network resilience becomes critical to organizations in managing edge networks as reliably as the data center, Opengear is introducing Network RQTM at Cisco Live. Working closely with the company’s broad customer community who are seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the drivers and metrics behind resilience, Network RQ is intended to provide relevant tools and information, as well as highlight a common terminology. IT professionals are invited to benchmark their own network knowledge using this interactive quiz and can also download the new white paper on the subject.

To support the focus on network resilience, enhancements to Opengear products include:

  • Remote IP Access: The latest release of Opengear’s Lighthouse software includes Remote IP access and multi-instance operation, as well as the ability to deploy the software on Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Remote IP access feature allows customers to connect to any device that uses an IP-based connection whether they are managed via a web interface or service processors embedded in servers and high-end networking devices. These additions are significant in the movement from traditional OOB management to network resilience, as they allow support for automated network environments and extend the reach of management systems to the network’s edge.
  • NetOps Automation: The Opengear NetOps Automation platform provides an easy way for enterprise customers to implement secure and vendor-neutral network automation, going beyond traditional OOB access to provide network resilience to the edge of an organization’s IT infrastructure. With a new release of the Secure Provisioning Module, Opengear has expanded coverage and is able to automate provisioning of all Cisco devices running any of the iOS variants. Opengear is also introducing a new SDinfrastructure module, which adds resilience to SDN and SD-WAN deployments by extending the reach of management, manual or automated, to the edge of the network. Both of these NetOps modules are available immediately as Lighthouse Enterprise add-ons.
  • Universal Cellular Interface: The newest version of Opengear’s Resilience Gateway ACM7000 product suite, the ACM7000-L, features a universal cellular model with a single cell module that can be configured to work anywhere, across any carrier, with a single SKU rather than requiring different model numbers based on region and carrier. With this first-of-its-kind solution, Opengear customers are able to provide fully integrated, fully certified and complete cellular OOB management from high-density data centers to the network edge.

Since becoming a Cisco preferred partner in 2010, Opengear has maintained a strong presence at Cisco Live. This year, in addition to exhibiting its products and solutions on the show floor (booth #2728), Opengear representatives will also be presenting at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live. Chief Technology Officer Marcio Saito and Distinguished Engineer Robert Waldie will be on live at 11:00 a.m. PT – 12:00 p.m. PT on Wednesday, June 12. Watch the livestream here.

“As organizations apply network virtualization and build out their edge infrastructure, the ability to automate and manage remotely becomes crucial,” said Marcio Saito, CTO, Opengear. “Network Automation is essential to achieve both network resilience and business scalability. At Opengear, we are evolving our NetOps platform so that in addition to connecting human operators to devices, we can also extend the reach of other management systems to the edge of the infrastructure.”

To set up a meeting with Opengear on-site, email For more information on the conference, visit the Cisco Live 2019 webpage. To learn more about network resilience, visit


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