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Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that IPSec, a provider of remotely-delivered managed security services, has used Opengear’s embedded-cellular Smart OOB™ solutions to achieve cost-effective out-of-band access for redundant management paths and increased IT resilience. Deploying Opengear products within its customers’ IT environments has allowed IPSec to ensure that the information it protects remains secure even during primary connection outages, while also avoiding the cost of more expensive redundant communication paths.

IPSec has found Opengear to provide stable and fit-for-purpose technologies, having used products from the IM, CM and ACM remote management product families for over five years with consistently positive experiences. With Opengear’s solutions, IPSec is able to rapidly perform diagnostics checks when critical communication failures occur, without the time and cost expenditures of sending maintenance personnel out to physical locations. Providing assurance in the security services industry is the key factor to success, and the resiliency offered by Opengear’s products has secured IPSec in its position as an always-on service that customers can trust.

IPSec currently uses the Opengear IM7248-2-DAC-L Infrastructure Manager to provide resilient out-of-band management with Failover to Cellular™ for its security services customers. This solution offers transparent automatic failover and always-on Smart OOB™ access, monitoring, and controls to prevent disruptions, integrating with standard management tools and existing infrastructure. These features serve IPSec in distinguishing itself as an easy and robustly reliable choice for remote security services.

“Reliability is the cornerstone of both of our industries,” said Brendan Walsh, A/NZ Sales Manager, Opengear. “At Opengear, we’re excited to see our solutions applied to offer information security clients the same things we do: resilient technology and support you can always count on.”

“Since adopting the use of Opengear’s IP to Serial devices in 2009, IPSec has come to rely on the robust engineering, security and flexibility of Opengear’s out-of-band management solutions and has had excellent experiences with their technical support team,” said Benjamin Robson, Director of Operations, IPSec. “We frequently encounter situations where remote access to devices cannot rely on the customer’s Internet service and could lose the ability to communicate with solutions we have responsibility for. While investigating ways of achieving effective out-of-band management, we identified Opengear’s range of IP to Serial devices, with 4G wireless Internet access, as a very cost effective method to meet that challenge. We plan to continue to use Opengear solutions as a central component of the company’s future remote management plans.”

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