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Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console serversremote managementmonitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced the upcoming release of its latest remote management gateway, the ACM5508-2-L-I. Set to ship in June, the newest member of the ACM5500 product family will combine 8 serial console ports with advanced cellular connectivity capabilities, including 4G LTE compatibility, that are becoming standard for Opengear’s suite of powerful out-of-band solutions.

“Businesses that can’t afford to have prolonged network outages are turning to Opengear for our remote site management and monitoring via high-speed cellular connections,” said Rick Stevenson, CEO, Opengear. “We’re leading the way with technical certifications from major carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, integrating 3G and 4G LTE access capabilities into our products, and helping businesses drastically reduce the mean time to repair critical infrastructures, all while saving them money by avoiding expensive and time-consuming on-site technical visits.”

The ACM5508-2-L-I offers integrated cellular and wired access to remote infrastructure, allowing IT managers a host of connectivity options to easily manage critical networks at local and remote sites such as branch offices, customer premises or retail environments – including off-site turn up of new installs to help ensure uptime and business continuity. This product builds on Opengear’s best-selling ACM5508-2-M design and is the first in the ACM remote management gateway line to offer 8 serial ports, 2 USB ports, and 2 network ports with 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.  The ACM5508-2-L-I is a single-box solution for detecting and alerting on faults and significantly speeding up disaster recovery.  It enables instant provisioning of out-of-band and high-performance remote management over 4G LTE without the complexity or expense of a redundant broadband WAN link.

In addition, the ACM5508-2-L-I plugs into remote site environmental sensors, proactively alerting staff to water ingress, excessive heat or fire, tampering, and other potentially catastrophic issues. Built-in environmental monitoring and alerting gives full remote site visibility to central operators, even during WAN outage.   Its low price point provides reduced operating expense, plus the downtime costs of cellular remote management means ROI is realized quickly.

The ACM5508-2-L-I will begin shipping in June 2014, starting at $1,265 per unit.