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Extensions to Opengear’s versatile cellular out-of-band product line
are ready for use across the Sprint network

Piscataway, NJ – February 15, 2018 – Opengear (, a leading provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, today announced that Sprint has certified the cellular-enabled Resilience Gateway console server. These three key additions to the ACM7000 product family – the ACM7004-2-LMS, ACM7004-5-LMS, and ACM7008-2-LMS – have been thoroughly tested and certified by Sprint (NYSE: S) as capable for use across the Sprint wireless network.

The ACM7000 Resilience Gateway product line is trusted by enterprises to provide reliable out-of-band access to critical IT infrastructure at branch offices, retail stores and other remote network locations. These solutions enable IT administrators to remotely manage, thoroughly monitor, and quickly remediate issues to ensure network uptime. All Resilience Gateways include Opengear’s built-in Smart OOB™ technology for achieving secure cellular-based out-of-band connectivity, a feature which provides proactive, automatic detection-and-response to disruptions that can cause network outages. Connectivity is further bolstered by Opengear’s Failover to Cellular™ capability that uses IP Passthrough technology to ensure transparent failover and failback for uninterrupted access – even when primary connections experience outages.

With the Sprint certification of the ACM7000 Resilience Gateway family, Opengear products can now be used with any cellular provider in the United States, ensuring always-on access to remote infrastructure even when the network is down. Doing so also includes the resources to monitor remote site environmental conditions via physical sensors, and proactively protect equipment against extreme temperatures, water, physical tampering and more through automated responses and smart alerts sent immediately to administrators through SNMP, email, or SMS. Additionally, the Sprint-certified Resilience Gateways further safeguard network systems with military-grade security and authentication measures.

“Opengear’s Resilience Gateway solutions provide the resilient connectivity and network intelligence required to maintain network uptime and ensure business continuity,” said Zach McLain, head of business solutions planning for Sprint. “With the certification of these new products for use across the Sprint wireless network, Sprint customers now have access to Opengear’s most advanced solutions for remote access and management of their critical IT infrastructure.”

“We’re excited to debut these new additions to the ACM7000 family, and to announce that they have each successfully completed the rigorous process of earning certification for use on the Sprint wireless network,” said Todd Atherton, Carrier Sales Manager, Americas, Opengear. “Organizations can now take advantage of our latest offerings for achieving cellular out-of-band connectivity, automatically anticipating and remediating issues, and maintaining the uptime of their critical IT infrastructure using the Sprint network.”

The ACM7004-2-LMS (four console serial ports), ACM7004-5-LMS (four console serial ports), and ACM7008-2-LMS (eight console serial ports) Resilience Gateway units will begin shipping in Q1 of 2018.