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Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced the release of two new additions to its CM7100 console server line, the CM7116 SAC and the CM7148 SAC. By adding these two Single AC models to the CM7100 product line, Opengear has addressed the needs of its customers who want the best-in-class console management capabilities of the CM7100 product line and a lower priced complement to the CM7100 Dual AC model in their data centers. The product releases coincide with Opengear’s participation at LISA 2014 (booth #215), the conference for designing, building and maintaining critical systems in an interconnected world, which is being held this week in Seattle.

The CM7116 SAC and the CM7148 SAC offer 16 and 48 serial ports, respectively, and Cisco straight cabling for easy, adapter-free connectivity to Cisco consoles Both vendor-agnostic devices come with a single AC power supply and allow network administrators to securely and quickly manage their infrastructure of switches, routers, PDUs, firewalls, servers, UPSes and other critical data center equipment. The new console servers also feature:

  • Proactive, consolidated monitoring that triggers email or SMS alerts when there are changes to network equipment, server status, PDU load, and UPS battery charge.
  • Enterprise-grade security with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.
  • Dual LAN ports for main and secondary networks, dual AC power supplies, and dual USB ports.
  • Audit and trail logging to 4GB of local storage or a remote log server.
  • Immediate access to consoles through SSH client or integrated HTTPS AJAX web terminal.
  • Very low power consumption (15-20W) to ensure minimal heat dissipation and that critical battery power is used for keeping important infrastructure running longer during power failures.
  • Environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity and optional monitoring of water, fire, and cabinet status with external sensors.

“The CM7100 series of console servers has been a popular choice for network and data center managers needing to securely access remote infrastructures,” said Rick Stevenson, CEO, Opengear. “We remain committed to building the products our customers need in the field, and these two new models fit that philosophy.”

Both the CM7116 SAC and the CM7148 SAC easily fit into top-of-rack and end-of-row configurations. As an all-in-one solution, the console server makes devices such as media converters unnecessary. Using Opengear Lighthouse central management this complete solution can scale to connect with up to 5,000 Opengear appliances from a single pane of glass.

The CM7116 SAC is priced at $1,595 and the CM7148 model is $2,695. Both are available to be ordered now at