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Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced its participation at next week’s IoT Evolution Expo, held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Opengear will be competing on stage as a participant in the IoT Evolution Expo’s Battle of the Platforms, which invites the Expo’s attendees to learn how to utilize network platforms to implement IoT solutions. Opengear will be demonstrating to an audience comprised of judges and businesses interested in understanding how to develop, integrate, and deploy IoT strategies.

“In a town that’s renowned for battles fought in the ring, Opengear’s ready to throw some proverbial punches at the Battle of the Platforms,” said Todd Rychecky, VP Sales America, Opengear. “The Internet of Things requires a new level of resilience in networking equipment, and we’ve been building comprehensive products that fit those needs. By offering reliable solutions for maximizing network uptime through proactive monitoring and remote management to ensure the continuity of always-on IoT services, Opengear is ready for a world of 25 billion connected devices by the end of this decade.”

Opengear’s solutions aid IoT deployments by providing always-available infrastructure, including intelligent devices designed for the network edge. Opengear ensures resilience through its Smart OOB™ out-of-band management of power supply, network, server and environmental conditions, as well as through Failover-to-Cellular™ technology that provides automatic failover to a 4G LTE or 3G cellular connection if a primary connection fails. Additionally, Opengear’s Lighthouse solution provides centralized management of all edge devices, and the platform features easy integration with enterprise systems via extensible APIs.

Opengear is also well-represented on the IoT Evolution Expo agenda, with Shirish Nilekar, Director of Product Management at Opengear, participating in a session on architectural ideology (part of the Expo’s Fog Computing Analytics and Data track). Expert speakers will discuss solutions for leveraging cloud services and applying the proper solution and architectural elements for the application in question.

“We look forward to Opengear’s live demonstration at the Battle of the Platforms and seeing what the remote infrastructure solution provider has to offer to an audience eager for ways to harness the IoT,” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media. “Opengear’s ability to support open development is a great way for solutions to be developed quickly and easily.”