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Products feature a cellular module built for use across major APAC telecom providers, increased band support, faster download speeds, and more effective WAN failover

Brisbane, Australia – April 30, 2018 – Opengear (, a leading provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, today announced the release of two important additions to its popular IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and Resilience Gateway product lines that are specifically designed for use in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The IM7200 series provides secure out-of-band access into data centers and colocation facilities, while the versatile Resilience Gateway is used at other remote network sites such as branch offices and retail stores.

The new IM7200-2-LMP Infrastructure Manager and ACM7000-LMP Resilience Gateway both come with an embedded Sierra Wireless MC7430 module that provides support for frequency bands commonly utilized in APAC countries. Like all Opengear products, these solutions feature built-in Smart OOB™ technology for intelligent cellular-based out-of-band connectivity and Failover to Cellular™ for transparent failover and failback that maintains network uptime even during primary connection outages. Inclusion of the Sierra cellular module will provide enterprises with cellular connectivity and network resilience in conjunction with major APAC carriers (including Docomo, Telstra, KDDI, and Softbank).

While existing Opengear solutions for remote network access and management are currently used throughout Asia Pacific, the new products are particularly optimized for the region by supporting new frequency bands. These include Band 28 (700 Mhz), which is the preferred band for Optus and Telstra in Australia – and particularly common for use outside of metropolitan areas. The new models also carry CE, MIC-R, and MIC-T (Giteki) certifications, making these the only IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and Resilience Gateway models certified for use in Japan. APAC-based band support also paves the way for the devices to be used by enterprises within China, and can deliver faster download speeds – reaching up to 300 Mbps – for superior WAN failover.

“We’re proud to debut these new IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and Resilience Gateway models for implementation across the APAC region, and excited to introduce them to customers,” said Brendan Walsh, Director of Sales Asia Pacific, Opengear. “With these releases, Opengear is ready to proceed on a number of pending projects with major government, retail, and industrial partners. At the same time, these devices invite new customers in the region to more easily experience the reliable connectivity and network resilience that Opengear products capably provide.”

Both products are available immediately. The IM7200-2-LMP Infrastructure Manager is priced between $4,610-$8,110 AUD per unit, and the ACM7000-LMP Resilience Gateway is priced between $1,310-$1,935 AUD per unit.