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Opengear, (Cisco Live Milan, stand E44) will offer the first European public demonstration of its Smart OOB™ platform including a new Failover to Cellular™ (F2C) feature that ensures uninterrupted connectivity for remote networks during primary WAN downtime. Opengear’s Smart OOB™ combined with F2C enables companies and managed service providers to monitor, access, manage and automatically remediate their remote networks, from anywhere, to improve operational efficiency and resilience.

Opengear ( is a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through Smart OOB™ based advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, failover and cellular out-of-band products.

The new Failover to Cellular™ capabilities are now available in Opengear’s cellular-enabled ACM remote site management and IM infrastructure management devices and includes transparent failover to 4G/3G cellular networks using simple and reliable IP Passthrough. The technology allows business operations to continue while IT staff resolve connectivity issues with the primary Internet connection.

The Opengear platform integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and network infrastructure, with automatic failover and transparent “failback” when the primary connection is restored. The technology has been tested extensively with Cisco devices and complements Smart OOB™ capabilities to monitor critical network and power devices, alerting admins to important events.

“The cost of network downtime has never been higher,” said Rick Stevenson, CEO, Opengear. “Connectivity hiccups – let alone full-blown outages – commonly result in million-dollar revenue losses and affect virtually all industries. Add to that the proliferation of connected devices vying for always-on connectivity and even more stress will be put on networks. How businesses respond is critical; with Opengear’s new Failover to Cellular™ and Smart OOB™ technology, we’re providing an unparalleled solution for ensuring IT resilience with maximum uptime. Network connection failures happen, but they don’t have to be crippling – or even noticeable – with Opengear.”

Opengear has grown its channel partners from under 30 in 2012 to over 75 as of the end of 2014, of which around 40% are also Cisco channel partners. “Serving the Cisco community is a major focus for Opengear and our attendance and demonstration of F2C at Cisco Live is part of our continuing commitment to continually advance our product set with innovative new features that align with both existing needs and emerging trends across the wider industry,” Stevenson adds.

Opengear will be demonstrating its full product portfolio at Cisco Live, the flagship annual technical training, networking and education event which runs from 26th to 30th of January in Milan, Italy.