Opengear’s ACM5500-X-LS-I Remote Infrastructure Management Gateway Receives Sprint Certification

Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced the ACM5500-X-LS-I remote management gateway as the newest addition to the ACM5500 product line popular with enterprises. This new solution for remote infrastructure connectivity is now certified by Sprint (NYSE: S), having been tested and approved as capable for use across the Sprint wireless network.

The ACM5500-X-LS-I provides critical remote management capabilities including full remote access, monitoring, and control of distributed networks and remote sites. As a complete Smart OOB™ remote management solution, IT administrators have full command of all essential network devices via secure cellular-based out-of-band access. Smart OOB technology – standard across the ACM5500 product line – empowers IT administrators by offering automatic detection and recovery from common network outage issues, intelligently recognizing threats such as device misconfiguration and lock up, and repairing faults before issues occur. The ACM5500-X-LS-I’s connectivity is backed by Opengear’s Failover to Cellular™ technology, which utilizes IP Passthrough technology to achieve fully transparent failover and failback, resulting in uninterrupted access even when primary Internet connections fail.

Sprint’s certification of the ACM5500-X-LS-I means that businesses using the Sprint wireless network now have another strong choice for their remote management and connectivity needs. The ACM5500-X-LS-I safeguards more than infrastructure by also using physical sensors to oversee environmental conditions at remote sites, ready to send alerts and act to alleviate dangers including temperature extremes, water, and even physical tampering. Administrators can receive smart alerts via SNMP, email, and SMS in order to accelerate safety and recovery actions. Military-grade security and authentication measures ensure that network systems are protected.

“We’re proud to introduce the ACM5500-X-LS-I remote management gateway – now certified for use on the Sprint wireless network – as a highly capable solution for managing remote network resources,” said Todd Atherton, Carrier Sales Manager, Americas, Opengear. “For any enterprise where business continuity is paramount and the cost of downtime is severe, the remote management gateways featuring cellular out-of-band connectivity that we offer deliver essential value. Having completed the rigorous process of earning certification, we’re glad to provide the opportunity for enterprise customers, via our ACM5500-X-LS-I, to maintain their vital network connectivity over the Sprint network.”

The Sprint-certified ACM5500-X-LS-I is available now, starting at $1,265 per unit.

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