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Addition to Opengear’s AT&T-certified offerings deepens customers’ choices for cellular-enabled out-of-band management

Piscataway, NJ – July 21, 2016 – Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that the IM7200-2-DAC-LMA Infrastructure Manager has been tested and approved for AT&T certification, and can now operate across the AT&T network. With this new certification, the infrastructure management solution joins Opengear’s offerings previously certified with AT&T, including the IM7200-2-DAC-LA and these product series: the ACM5000 Remote Site Manager, ACM5500 Remote Site Manager, IM4200 Infrastructure Manager, and the Resilience Gateway (ACM7000).

Assessments on the IM7200-2-DAC-LMA were completed as part of the AT&T Developer Program, with AT&T network tests conducted to ensure that the Infrastructure Manager successfully and reliably operated across its network. The hardware was evaluated by an external test lab, which determined the IM7200 conformed to 3GPP TS 36.521 Version 12.8.0 and NAPRD.03 V5.21 specifications. Functionality was examined in the GSM, UMTS, FDD, and LTE FDD bands, earning PTCRB certification. The continued investment in cellular certifications across its product suite demonstrates Opengear’s ongoing commitment to providing infrastructure management products that are reliably and securely accessible through embedded cellular capabilities.

The IM7200-2-DAC-LMA Infrastructure Manager gives customers the ability to streamline the remote management of network, server, and power infrastructure in data centers and other remote environments. The newly certified product is built with embedded Smart OOB™ technology, allowing customers to be in control of all essential network devices through cellular out-of-band access that automatically detects and remediates many common network issues before downtime can occur.

Opengear’s Failover to Cellular™, also standard in the IM7200-2-DAC-LMA Infrastructure Manager, provides fully transparent failover and failback capabilities by leveraging IP Passthrough technology – meaning that network access is not noticeably interrupted even during a primary internet connection failure. Proactive monitoring enabled by physical sensors able to measure environmental conditions at remote sites further protects network equipment, acting automatically or delivering alerts to administrators when dangers such as extreme temperatures, moisture, or physical tampering appear. The IM7200-2-DAC-LMA’s military-grade security and authentication provide robust protection for the network systems that the hardware manages.

“The ability to access and utilize the AT&T network for cellular out-of-band network deployments is compelling and advantageous for our customers, and the IM7200-2-DAC-LMA Infrastructure Manager is a powerful showcase of what our technology can provide to ensure business continuity,” said Todd Atherton, Carrier Sales Manager, Americas, Opengear. “We’re proud to offer the IM7200-2-DAC-LMA as a rigorously tested and certified solution for use across AT&T’s vast network.”

The AT&T-certified IM7200-2-DAC-LMA Infrastructure Manager is available now, starting at $3,225 per unit.