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Opengear customers can now leverage Verizon private networks for secure LTE-based out-of-band deployments

Sandy, Utah – May 26, 2016 – Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console serversremote managementmonitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that the Resilience Gateway is now certified by Verizon, having been tested and approved for use across the Verizon Wireless Private Network. With this certification, the Resilience Gateway joins Opengear’s previously certified IM7200-LV Infrastructure Manager. Opengear’s IM7200-LMV is currently in the certification process, with completion also expected in Q2, 2016.

The Verizon Wireless Private Network gives businesses a segregated private network for connecting their mobile devices – with private data kept separate from public traffic via a direct connection to a company’s internal network. Doing so allows a company to completely control access to and from this private network. Combined with Opengear’s Resilience Gateway, businesses have the power to quickly implement secure out-of-band management networks with LTE speeds. This provides a significant advantage to any business concerned with securing data, especially those in the financial sector or among enterprises where isolating data greatly reduces data security risks.

The award-winning Resilience Gateway enables comprehensive access, monitoring, and control of distributed networks and remote sites, granting businesses the critical remote, secure management and remediation capabilities they need to ensure the uptime and resilience of their private network connectivity. The Resilience Gateway’s built-in Smart OOB™ technology gives IT administrators a remote management solution with total control of all essential network devices through secure cellular-based out-of-band access. Smart OOB includes the ability to automatically detect and recover from common issues that cause network outages (with the intelligence to identify threats like device misconfiguration and lock up), and to repair any faults before those issues lead to network downtime. The Resilience Gateway also features Opengear’s embedded Failover to Cellular™ capabilities. Failover to Cellular provides fully transparent failover and failback through the use of IP Passthrough technology, so that even primary Internet connection failures do not create interruptions in network access. 

With the Resilience Gateway’s new certification, users of the Verizon Wireless Private Network now have a powerful option for safeguarding connectivity and performing remote management of their secure network infrastructure. The Resilience Gateway also assists network administrators through physical sensors that monitor environmental conditions at remote locations, either by proactively sending alerts or responding automatically when dangers such as extreme temperatures, water, or physical tampering arise. The safety of these network systems is bolstered by military-grade security and authentication measures. 

“The ability to rapidly build and deploy LTE-speed out-of-band management networks is a game changer for businesses where network security and accessibility are chief concerns,” said Todd Atherton, Carrier Sales Manager, Americas, Opengear. “We’re proud to offer the Resilience Gateway as a rigorously tested and certified solution for use across the Verizon Wireless Private Network, and one that is highly capable of meeting the network uptime and business continuity needs of the companies that rely upon our technology. ”

The Verizon-certified Resilience Gateway is available now, starting at $1015 per unit.