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As Opengear expands into the Chinese market, the IM7200 and CM7100 are now approved for import, sale and use within the country 

Brisbane, AU – August 30, 2016 – Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console serversremote managementmonitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and CM7100 Console Server both earned the China Compulsory Certificate mark, having been successfully tested and approved for import, sale, and use (with non-cellular connections) throughout China. The designation allows Opengear to expand its presence in the APAC region and sell into the world’s second largest economy.

The CCC process ensures that products are safe for use and operate in compliance with Chinese standards. These new certifications for the IM7200 and CM7100 mean that businesses with data centers and remote sites within China have a highly capable new solution for performing remote management and maintaining resilient, reliable connectivity with critical network equipment.

The IM7200 and CM7100 both feature Opengear’s built-in Smart OOB™ technology. This key capability gives IT administrators secure out-of-band access to all critical infrastructure, and also helps avoid network outages through intelligent automatic detection and remediation of common threats to uptime (such as device misconfiguration and lock up). The IM7200 and CM7100 also leverage physical sensors to monitor environmental conditions at remote locations, vigilantly guarding against extreme temperatures, water, physical tampering and other conditions, and then performing automatic responses (or sending proactive alerts) whenever necessary. The two products incorporate military-grade security and authentication measures, strongly supporting the safety of network infrastructure.

“Intelligent out-of-band management of critical network infrastructure is essential for those companies where uninterrupted connectivity is necessary to conduct business,” said Brendan Walsh, Sales Director Asia Pacific, Opengear. “Opengear is proud to offer the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and CM7100 Console Server as rigorously tested and certified solutions that carry the China Compulsory Certificate mark, and we are excited to assist companies in the Chinese market in maintaining the network uptime and business continuity they – and their customers – depend upon.”