Safeguard Customer Data with Opengear

Opengear’s Best Practices Whitepaper provides a series of recommendations designed to assist Opengear customers achieve the enhanced security needed for PCI DSS 3.2 compliance.

The Whitepaper Covers Topics Such As:

  • Regularly reviewing and applying security updates
  • Changing default passwords
  • Creating named accounts for device administration
  • Configuring devices to regularly ship logs
  • Configuring devices to use a central time server

Our PCI DSS 3.2 Best Practices Whitepaper will help you better understand how to deploy Opengear devices for out-of-band management and network resilience to achieve and maintain PCI DSS 3.2 regulations. The whitepaper also discusses how Opengear secures traditional merchant data and identifies steps merchants and service providers should take to ensure secure, resilient, compliant networks.

Click here to download the Whitepaper

Product Highlights

  • Best in class Smart OOB™ extends beyond traditional out-of-band management
  • Manage all edge routers, firewalls, UPSes, PDUs with serial, USB and Ethernet Consoles
  • Automatically detect and recover from outages and repair equipment faults
  • Log audit trails to embedded 4GB local storage for troubleshooting and compliance
  • Failover to high speed 4G LTE cellular network for improved WAN resilience
  • Strong Security, PCI-DSS, FIPS140-2, SSL and SSH, stateful firewall, OpenVPN and IPsec
  • Environmental and physical sensor alarm notification via SMS, SNMP or email
  • Deploy at all enterprise remote sites, manage centrally with Lighthouse CMS