NetOps Automation

Let’s bring resilience to your network

Take your network management capabilities to new levels with the ability to run standard NetOps tools, such as Docker, Ansible, and Python on a console server. Automate your network operations at centralized and remote locations with Opengear’s NetOps Automation solutions. 

Let one of our engineers walk you through a demo of how our NetOps Automation solutions can be deployed to manage your centralized or distributed network environments.


Here’s a few features of our NetOps Automation solution

4G cellular

Open Architecture 

Support for Docker containers and a python runtime environment allows a wide range of automation routines

ZTP Zero touch provisioning


Integrate trusted third-party tools like Slack with configurable workflows


Secure Provisioning

Embedded TPM chip to ensures the protection of configuration files

Lighthouse Centralized Management Software

Centralized Management

View and manage your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass

Featured Products for NetOps Automation

OM2200 Operations Manager

The Opengear OM2200 is a NetOps  Network Management appliance that combine the capabilities of a Smart OOB™ Console Server with the flexibility of NetOps Automation. It’s built on the x86 platform supporting Docker and Python, to automate NetOps processes.

OM1200 Operations Manager

The compact OM1200 is designed for secure edge deployments, used alongside Lighthouse Management Software. Combining the secure access of Smart OOB™ with the flexibility of NetOps automation tools, it provides the Presence & Proximity at every location that supports emerging requirements in Network Management and Automation.

Lighthouse Centralized Management

As an API-driven platform with an HTML5 interface, Lighthouse software manages all of your network devices via connected console servers at each location. When deployed across a distributed enterprise of data centers and edge locations, it becomes the control center of a comprehensive Network Resilience Platform.