Resilience Gateway Console Server

The Resilience Gateway delivers best in class out-of-band management plus failover to 4G LTE cellular for better business continuity

The Resilience Gateway deploys alongside network, power and other IT infrastructure at the branch office and remote site. It monitors everything including the physical environment to proactively detect faults and ensure fast recovery. It provides secure out-of-band access and control, even during a system outage, and delivers transparent failover to high speed 4G LTE cellular networks in event of a network outage.

Powered by Failover to Cellular™ and Smart OOB™

  • Maximize WAN resilience with 4G LTE failover. Certified on carriers globally
  • Reduce MTTR and eliminate downtime with remote auto-remediation
  • Maintain situational awareness and control during network outage with site monitoring and out-of-band management
  • Reduce IT costs by equipping administrators with always- available, low level remote control

Resilience Gateway at Tech Field Day from Cisco Live!

Watch the Resilience Gateway in action HERE.

Product Highlights

  • Fast to provision, simple to deploy and fully integrated. Always-available, high-performance remote access over 3G or 4G LTE network.
  • Improve business continuity with failover WAN connectivity to high speed 4G LTE networks.
  • Leverage total remote site monitoring and connectivity to detect and respond to issues before they become outages.
  • Lock down management interfaces with local and remote AAA. Encrypt sensitive management traffic.
  • Monitor UPS battery status, automate routine maintenance and load testing. Uniquely supports over 100 power vendors’ equipment.
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