Advanced Terminal Servers

Gain access to all of your network devices and maximize their uptime with Smart Out-of-BandTM Management


Feature-rich Terminal Servers (aka Serial Console Servers) provide Out-of-Band management for your network server and power infrastructure in data centers and remote sites. Powerful monitoring diagnostics and remediation features enable efficient recovery from infrastructure fault conditions and maximize uptime. An intuitive dashboard with proactive alerting provides network and IT administrators with real-time status of the core infrastructure.

Streamline remote management of network, server, and large remote environments with embedded cellular features to support failover with the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager.

Rely on the class-leading performance and reliability of this best-value terminal server for low or high density deployments with the CM7100 Console Server.

The Resilience Gateway will identify and remediate issues at the network edge before they become failures. Ensure uptime at branch offices, retail stores, and remote site with 4G LTE.

Console Vs. Terminal Server

Terminal servers were initially used in the 1980s to link dumb terminals of mainframe computers to the network, via RS-232 connections. As IT infrastructure developed, users needed to access those units remotely, via the management console ports of the servers and network equipment. To meet this need, more features were added to terminal servers, and these more capable devices were then referred to as Console Servers, although the original tag of Terminal Server is often still used.