Why consider half a business continuity solution?

Keep your network resilient with Failover to Cellular™ plus Smart OOB™

  • No single wired connection can deliver 100% uptime. The question isn’t “whether” but “when” a remote site will lose connectivity
  • Failover to Cellular™ eliminates downtime with transparent failover to high-speed 4G LTE when your primary connection fails
  • Loss of connectivity isn’t the primary cause of outages. Issues, such as hardware failures, configuration errors, or on-site power PDU & UPS outages that are more likely to occur
  • Opengear combines Failover to Cellular™ with Smart OOB™ out-of-band management with remote troubleshooting and remediation to resolve these problems in one product

Smart OOB™ + Failover to Cellular™

  • Transparent, automatic failover and failback restores WAN connectivity without manual intervention
  • Always-on out-of-band access monitors, maintains and restores all critical infrastructure at your remote sites
  • Manages IT, networking, security and power devices from multiple vendors and monitors the physical environment to proactively detect and remediate faults before they become failures
  • Minimizes disruption and downtime, providing the highest levels of business continuity

Product Highlights

  • Failover to Cellular™ and Smart OOB™ come standard in all cellular enabled Opengear products
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems and network infrastructure
  • Certified to work on all major carrier networks globally, e.g. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Vodaphone, Telus
  • Integrates cellular technologies for out-of-band access, failover and SMS messaging and control
  • A unique business continuity solution manageable from a centralized console
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