Protect mission critical IT infrastructure with Smart OOB

New security threats emerge daily. As IoT devices and applications continue to make life easier and simpler, security threats are becoming more advanced and destructive. Raise security to a new level with Smart Out-of-Band  (Smart OOBTM).

Protect critical IT and communications infrastructure while ensuring constant connectivity with Smart OOB. Opengear provides next generation solutions that enable organizations to monitor, access and virtually manage their network at all times from local and remote sites, even during an outage. Smarter, real-time decision-making and advanced data storage at the network’s edge ensures continual network resilience and unparalleled visibility.

From physical environment to remediation, Opengear Smart OOB supports the industry’s most stringent security, encryption and AAA requirements ensuring that management policies are continually enforced.

Key IT policy enforcement capabilities:

  • Enable audit and compliance reporting
  • Control remote devices without inbound IP ports with Lighthouse 5
  • Eliminate common cellular and landline modem security issues
  • Ensure secure access for remote management with auto response, remediation and Failover to CellularTM (F2C)
  • Manage remote networks from any location with always-available monitoring
  • Restrict user permissions with customizable authorization controls

Securely access and manage systems, devices and equipment at all times with Smart OOB:

  • One secure network port tunnels all management traffic through default-deny SSH basation tunnels
  • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
  • Two-factor authentication using RSA and SecureID
  • Complete user policy integration with off-load authentication to Radius, TACACS+ or LDAP Active Directory server
  • Open VPN and IP-sec enterprise-grade PKI VPN remote access through default-deny SSH basation tunnels

Learn more by downloading our white paper on keeping your cellular modem secure.