Sprawling education campuses are constantly expanding, creating new challenges when it comes to network management. Distributed campuses are common at educational institutions that include universities and public school systems, which houses devices and equipment in various locations. These unique logistical configurations can create barriers in the event of a network outage. Educational institutions require constant uptime for a variety of needs including enrollment, coursework and grading purposes. Requiring a secure environment and the assurance of uptime, they are in need of a smart solution able to scale to support increasing demands.

Monitor and Manage Remotely

Smart Out-of-Band (Smart OOB™) provides network engineers the ability to manage infrastructure at multiple sites remotely. Creating an alternative path to access the primary site when the network is down, educational institutions can ensure uptime at various campuses and schools.

Failover to Cellular™ (F2C) is built-in to every Opengear device – a necessity for distributed campuses that may experience disruptions from configuration changes, environmental factors or regular updates. To ensure connectivity is maintained, F2C is able to restore WAN connectivity without manual intervention – allowing for network administrators to easily identify and remediate issues remotely. During an event, systems are automatically migrated to a 4G LTE connection to ensure systems are accessible. Multi-carrier support provides education institutions the ability to choose a plan that fits their needs.

Ensure Enterprise-Grade Security

Protecting mission-critical IT infrastructure with Smart OOB

Traditional out-of-band solutions don’t provide the full range of features required to ensure business continuity from security threats. Opengear devices protect education networks and IT infrastructure by ensuring management policies are enforced. By using one secure network port, all management traffic is tunneled through default-deny SSH bastion tunnels. Opengear also enforces AAA policies, ensuring administrators can enable audit and compliance reporting.

Other capabilities include:

  • Eliminating common cellular and landline modem security issues
  • Restricting user permissions with authorization controls
  • Control remote devices without inbound IP ports with Lighthouse