Mission-critical has a unique resonance in the healthcare industry.

Lack of network connectivity and data access can mean the difference between life and death. So healthcare networks can’t afford to go down.

Patient electronic health records containing physician notes, test results, diagnoses and treatments are vital healthcare tools.   Network uptime is critical to ensure access to this information housed in the Electronic Healthcare Records system (EHR).  So governments mandate that these records are kept electronically, following best practices for network security and patient data confidentiality. Regulations like HIPPA and HITECH in the US, and the EU’s Data Protection Directive, are meant to lessen the likelihood of stolen data and minimize downtime through mandated service level agreements. But beyond that, you need the ability to monitor and manage your infrastructure remotely, over a cellular network if necessary.

You need Opengear.


Hospitals, Clinics and Labs

Case Study: Opengear Console Servers Support Life Saving Work

Whether you’re responsible for the network at a large hospital or smaller medical group, using remote, out-of-band (OOB) management products from Opengear allows your administrators new freedom and flexibility. They can monitor and manage IT infrastructure, spread across multiple locations, from anywhere via a cellular network connection so all of your locations―hospitals, clinics, labs and other facilities―are covered.  And this scalable solution can grow to include a new wing of a hospital or additional outpatient facilities as they are acquired by the healthcare network.

Failover to Cellular™ is dramatically less expensive and more reliable than POTS for remote dial-up access. And if your problem is a dropped MPLS circuit or a broken fiber connection, a POTS line won’t work anyway. Using POTS to access medical facilities spread across a wide geography entails working with multiple local carriers. That’s complex, time-consuming, and outdated.

With Opengear Smart OOB™, your IT support staff can monitor, manage and remediate IT issues across your locations via a single interface – keeping your critical systems functional even during a network outage. Opengear console servers at each medical facility provide powerful remote OOB capabilities that help you proactively address issues to improve uptime, and reduce the duration of downtime during failures.


Retail Healthcare Locations

Whether a pharmacy, third-party testing lab, imaging facilities or urgent care clinics, a tremendous amount of data is being captured and shared across multiple healthcare entities. New models of healthcare delivery are embracing the retail environment for the delivery of services in dedicated, localized clinics.

Here too, it’s vital that far-flung network infrastructure and data are monitored, managed and maintained. The Resilience Gateway is designed for smaller environments without dedicated rack space or on-site technical expertise, offering remote cellular access to the network devices.



  • Simplified remote provisioning, backup, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Constant connectivity to critical healthcare systems, telehealth services and pharmacy networks
  • Multi-carrier cellular support to ensure connectivity, regardless of hospital or facility location
  • Environmental monitoring for increased visibility and security to meet strict regulations
  • Data logging for in-depth record keeping, reporting and analysis
  • Broad device portfolio to support scalable deployments large and small
  • Secure access to equipment via cellular, POTS or other network to deploy new equipment or to perform remediation if the primary network is down or hacked.
  • Vast reseller network for streamlined purchasing