Downtime = Lost Revenue + Disappointed Customers

Case Study: Furniture retailer ensures business continuity and simple deployment with Opengear’s network resilience solutions

$5600 per minute. That’s the average estimated cost to retailers for network downtime, according to Gartner1. Even sluggish network performance is costly. It frustrates your customers and staff, it reduces sales as people abandon long lines, and it erodes customer loyalty. It’s a brand killer.

The ubiquitous, high-speed network is now an essential part of retail, which means a resilient network is key to business continuity. Every part of your company—every POS station, camera, handheld device and PC—is connected to Internet and cloud services. Real-time data fuels real-time decision making. This is the new normal of the digital era.

Outages, however, are often beyond anyone’s control. They can result from construction or vehicle accidents, bad weather, crashes or problems at an Internet service provider. But that doesn’t mean that you’re powerless.

Opengear has proven, cost-effective gateways and infrastructure managers to help you ensure always-on network resilience and maximum uptime for your retail network. Used daily by some of the world’s biggest retail brands, they are easy and quick to deploy, simple to manage, and can scale to thousands of stores.


Today’s Digital Store

Applications in the modern store rely on connections from the local data rack to centralized data centers stores deploy thousands of IoT sensors and beacons. The location of items for sale can be tracked; digital price tags can be changed; surveillance footage can be looked at in real time, and digital savings coupons can be pushed to the mobile devices of customers when they enter the store.

None of it works without constant Internet connectivity. With Opengear’s remote, smart out-of-band (OOB) management products, your network, and systems admin staff gain 24×7 remote network access to all of your stores, wherever they are located.

Embedded management intelligence at the network edge proactively analyzes network performance, immediately reports potential faults, and automatically detects and repairs common issues. From your communications network to your power and IT infrastructure and physical environment, this management intelligence helps you remediate problems before they become network failures.

If a network outage occurs, Opengear additionally offers a Failover-to-Cellular™ (F2C) feature. Within seconds, your stores automatically switch from WAN to 4G-LTE cellular connections to ensure that they remain online and operational. And if you’re considering an SD-WAN deployment, Opengear Out-of-band is a critical component to that solution.


Simplified, Lower-cost, Automated, Pervasive

OOB management reduces the need for costly truck rolls or to dispatch engineers to your locations. Cellular-enabled console servers with centralized management software can manage, remediate, and protect your entire retail network, including stores, warehouses, corporate offices, and call centers.

Opengear solutions can also be used to do Day One provisioning of new stores remotely. Even before a primary WAN connection is established, your Opengear unit can be used to provision network devices via zero-touch provisioning over a cellular connection. That’s especially effective for new network turn-ups and mobile business locations like pop-up stores and kiosks. This cellular connection can also be used to provide always-on OOB network management, giving admins access to Opengear network management, monitoring, and troubleshooting solutions even when the WAN is online.

So, eliminate panicked phone calls from your stores if the network goes down. Avoid irate customers and frozen operations. Lower the cost of bringing new stores and IoT devices online.. And in the event of a WAN crash, automatically failover to a fully secure cellular network connection so your customers can continue shopping.

Do it all with Opengear.



  • Secure failover to 4G LTE to support POS transactions.
  • Management access to equipment via cellular, POTS or other network to deploy new equipment or to perform remediation if the primary network is down or hacked.
  • Remote provisioning, backup, configuration and troubleshooting to reduce costs for maintenance, IT staffing and travel
  • Reduced MTBF and MTTR with proactive problem identification, quick notification and prompt response to system or network connectivity issues
  • Simplified remote management through automation and orchestration.
  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • Intelligence at the edge to feed customer behavior back to corporate