Solutions for an Evolving Market


Gary Marks, President of Opengear, discusses the growing complexity and the need to securely access, manage, re-boot, and even power cycle these devices. Our out-of-band management solutions have evolved with this market to put secure remote access and management throughout your network


The market has really been evolving over the last ten years and Opengear has really been focused on keeping, both with and ahead of the market with our delivery of technology. Network devices are now anywhere from cruise ships to data closets to small buildings to cell towers to anywhere you can possibly think of. There’s no longer just a data center. Data centers have moved into colo sites, they’ve moved into closets. With the advent of technology and virtualization and the whole idea of the cloud now. Both the public cloud and the private cloud. Equipment is everywhere. And so the need to access this technology securely and be able to troubleshoot it, manage it, effectively reboot it and even sometimes powercycle it has never been more important.

With the growth of cellular devices that existed around the world and the cellular technology and the ability of the cellular carriers to deliver seamless communication on a cellular level around the world. The need to access devices over cellular has become more and more important.