Manage vital remote networks to ensure on and off-campus access for teachers and students.


The next generation of wireless technology is here. 5G will enhance connectivity across all platforms, providing more efficient, faster and better signal strength which opens doors for new possibilities across cellular networks.


Monitor and access distributed IT systems from a remote location — all while complying with strict healthcare regulations.


Keep investors, customers and branch locations connected while maintaining strict security compliance and regulations.


Reduce abandoned transactions by maximizing uptime and support aggressive growth strategies through secure network deployment and management solutions.


Hyperscale data centers house thousands of devices and although their modular design allows operators to easily add resources as needed, their sheer size creates network visibility challenges. That’s where Opengear can help.

SD-WAN and Out-Of-Band

SD-WAN provides lower cost, secure network connections across corporate and regional locations, based on the simplified architecture of SDN. But without an Out-of-Band backup, SD-WAN has an Achilles heel.

NetOps Automation

The NetOps Automation platform is built on a network of distributed Opengear appliances enabling presence and proximity at each enterprise location. Managed through the Lighthouse software interface with NetOps Modules providing specialized functionality.

Smart Out-of-Band Management

Minimize disruption and downtime with devices that provide the ability to quickly access, manage and remediate issues with OOB.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Monitoring thousands of pieces of equipment that are connected to one data center or multiple dispersed locations can be a big challenge. Dispatching technicians to remote locations like pipelines, well and communication sites can make updates become costly.

Network Labs

As test labs become more and more complex, and engineering groups are increasingly situated remotely, the need for reliable remote access to the equipment is becoming critical.

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Zero touch provisioning – ZTP – allows network devices at remote locations to be deployed and provisioned without sending a network engineer to site. The console server can be used to automate configurations and updates beyond Day One provisioning. And 4G LTE cellular provides access before the primary network is live.

Failover to Cellular

When the mainline connection fails at your remote site, it’s important that there is a back up plan – that’s where 4G LTE comes in.

Network Resilience

The exponential growth and increased complexity of IT infrastructure drives the demand for always-on connectivity and network resilience to avoid downtime.

Cloud Providers

Maximize uptime, ensure customers apps and services work from anywhere with Smart OOB.

Data Center Management

With network, server and power infrastructure from multiple vendors – a flexible out-of-band solution has never been more important.


Access and manage mission critical IT systems and devices through secure, remote solutions.

Environmental Monitoring

Keep the physical environment secure by monitoring heat, humidity, water, smoke and more within your network locations.

Remote Site Management

Network equipment can now be found in the most remote and obscure places where there will never be IT staff – make sure you can access it remotely.


Build a secure network of a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interconnectivity with intelligent out-of-band solutions that efficiently monitor and access networks.


Maintain and repair network infrastructure from anywhere at any time, improving productivity, service levels and eliminating costly downtime.