User Manuals

The latest Opengear Quick Start Guides and User Manuals may be downloaded here:

Quick Start Guides

Operations Manager OM

Includes: OM12xx, OM12xx-L, OM22xx, and OM22xx-L models

Infrastructure Manager IM7200 and IM7200-L

Includes IM7208, IM7216, IM7232, IM7248, and all IM7200-L models

Console Manager CM7100

Includes: CM7116, CM7132, CM7148, and CM7196A

Resilience Gateway ACM700x-L

Includes ACM7004-2-L, ACM7008-2-L, and ACM7004-5-L

Resilience Gateway ACM700x-LMx

Includes ACM7004-2-LxM, ACM7008-2-LMx, and ACM7004-5-LMx

Remote Site Gateway ACM700x

Includes ACM7004-2, ACM7004-2-M, ACM7008-2, ACM7008-2-M, and ACM7004-5

Environmental Monitoring

Legacy Devices

IM4200 Family

ACM5500 Family

ACM5000 Family

CM4100 Family

SD4000 Family

Documentation for older products and earlier firmware is here.

Older Quick Start Guides can be found here.
CDK User Guide here.