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So one might ask, who’s the best?

This question seems to get asked a lot as people make many important purchases; a new TV, car, smartphone, or even a console server, wink-wink. Research is an important part of the purchasing cycle. So, if you have been considering the purchase of an out-of-band management (OOBM) solution for your networks, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Within this report, you will find we do all the legwork for you.

There are a few important factors that go into purchasing a top-notch OOBM solution. Wasting no time, here they are. (You may notice a certain bias. See byline, above):

Totally awesome reputation? Check!

Active product development? Check!

Excellent product support? Check!

Does the vendor listen to customers, or are they making products that are not relevant in today’s market?

Is the vendors’ out-of-band management solution wicked-cool? Definite check!

Can it handle all of my OOBM needs and more? Basically, is it able to do everything but my dirty laundry? (We are totally awesome, but we are definitely not your maid.)

If you can confidently answer “Yes!” to all of these questions, you already know you’ve come to the right place.

In the last year, Opengear has been very active in hitting all these objectives … and more. We believe you’ll find we are the industry leader in out-of-band management, with the most flexibility and product features to confidently keep your critical infrastructure running. And to go along with these best features, you can always count on getting a personal touch when a question arises or support is needed … for whatever the reason.

To highlight just a few of our important product features:

  • Cellular, Cellular, Cellular; that’s right, we just said cellular in a console server. 3G/4G-LTE. Super cost effective! What are you spending on your OOB connectivity?
  • Integrated flash storage, with T/FTP server;
  • Remote power control;
  • Top of the rack; datacenter ready;
  • Remote monitoring & alerting; with environmental response; and
  • Super-accurate GPS time synchronization.

Click here for a list of things we have been adding to our products over the past year. Further, throughout 2014 and into 2015 you will see another great year as we continue paving the way through uncharted OOB territory.

Are you interested in having a roadmap discussion or would like an in-depth product demonstration? Excited about what Opengear has to offer, and possibly considering attending some industry tradeshows this year?

We would love to chat and meet in person. We offer some of the best swag around. For a list of tradeshows we will be attending & exhibiting, click here to find out more. Your competition already has.