Cellular Out-Of-Band and Failover with Verizon 4G LTE

Opengear + Verizon = Always Available Networks

Opengear console servers and management gateways equipped with embedded 4G LTE connectivity allow network administrators to access and manage remote network infrastructure over the powerful Verizon Wireless Network.  By deploying Verizon certified Opengear solutions, businesses can reduce the need for on-site IT staff and truck rolls by providing ‘virtual hands’ at branch offices, retail stores, kiosks and even large data centers where network professionals may not be available all the time.

Opengear enables vendor agnostic out-of-band access to:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • PDU’s
  • UPC’s
  • Firewalls
  • Environmental Monitoring Devices

Why Cellular Out-Of-Band?

In many cases IT departments are leveraging POTS lines as their out-of-band path into network infrastructure. Although this has worked in the past, today’s network admin require faster connectivity and more reliable access into remote environments.  Verizon 4G LTE allows network pros to monitor, access and remediate network faults more quickly, mitigating the cost of downtime.  Verizon 4G LTE M2M plans are also significantly less expensive than traditional analog telephone lines so migrating to a cellular solution frees up IT budget for other projects.

Don’t Forget the Failover

Cellular out-of-band isn’t the only way Opengear devices utilize the power of Verizon 4G LTE.  With Failover to Cellular™, a site’s connectivity automatically ‘fails over’ to Verizon 4G LTE when the primary connection goes down.  This enables business operations to continue while allowing an off-site network administrator to access that location’s network infrastructure and identify problem.  When the site’s primary connection is restored, the Opengear device will automatically ‘fail back’ to resume operations.

Verizon Wireless Private Network

Opengear has been achieving device certifications for use over the Verizon Wireless Private Network.  By leveraging Verizon’s internal private network, businesses have increased reliability and security for cellular out-of-band management of remote network infrastructure.  This is an attractive add-on service for industries requiring elevated uptime and/or security.  Our Resilience Gateway and IM7200 line of products are both approved to work on the Verizon Wireless Private Network.

Verizon Partner Program

Opengear is a Silver status member on the Verizon Partner Program (VPP).  If you have any questions about how our devices work with the Verizon Wireless Network or ways to secure an evaluation device for a customer, visit our VPP page or fill out the form on this page and an Opengear representative will contact you directly.