Cellular Out-of-Band Replaces POTS Lines at Remote Sites

One of the most common themes that you hear about is the replacement of POTS lines with cellular. This particular customer, a large oil company in Houston, used our product to replace POTS lines that were being unplugged and customers were using them to place a long distance phone call or a fax and then not plugging them in. So when they had an out-of-band management situation come up, they weren’t able to access the device to troubleshoot it, causing them to get on an airplane to fly to Germany to troubleshoot a router.

They began to evaluate our Resilience Gateway. We offered them a solution that not only worked in the United States, but worked globally. They got a SIM card and a data plan from a local provider and now have deployed over 500 of our devices all around the world, and now we’re using it in the data center as well.

We save our customers time and money over and over again.