The Complete Out‐of‐Band Management Solution



Opengear is the only company that can offer full network resilience so you can continue doing business, no matter what happens. With the combination of Smart Out-of-Band™ and Failover to Cellular™, you’ll have virtual hands anywhere in the world to remediate any IT hardware issue, while maintaining business continuity.


Without an Out ­of ­Band Management solution in place, a business loses a lot of operational efficiencies and money. Network administrators actually have to go on site to troubleshoot a router. Small IT staffs, three to five guys, 100 remote locations spread out all over the world, they want to have what we call virtual hands, remote hands to those devices. So by having an Out ­of ­Band Management solution in place, they improve their efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

So we recognized a few years ago that we wanted to do more than Out­ of ­Band Management; we want to do Smart Out ­of­ Band Management as we said earlier. Monitoring, alerting, remediating. That was very important, but what we also saw is we had, now that we had cellular in our products 4Gg LTE, customers started having Out ­of­ Band failover but a solution that if the ISP were to go down, get cut, happens, the Cisco router fails over to Opengear via IP passthrough and we go out LTE. So now we are doing Smart Out­ of­ Band plus failover to cellular which gives a customer network resilience. Network Resilience is 100% uptime; it’s all encompassing. It’s Out ­of ­Band Management. It’s failover to cellular, and it’s a happy customer. Because their, their network, there remote site is up and they can carry on with their business.