Resilient Networks for Retail Stores and Distribution

Resilient Retail Networks: Out-of-Band Management in Stores and Warehouses

Opengear helped a global company improve network resiliency across their 106 corporate and venue sites throughout Europe. To enable always-on network availability and ensure business continuity, they chose to implement Opengear’s total solution as part of their SD-WAN roll out. This included utilizing Lighthouse for centralized management – enabling the organization to view all the sites through just one point – and pairing that with the ACM7000 Resilience Gateway.

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) enables the organization to reduce on-site visits required to turn up the SD-WAN before the solution was on site. If any errors do occur, everything can be fixed remotely through the Opengear device.

The teams are now using Opengear’s solutions in each of their 106 remote sites, allowing them to remediate any issues in minutes, instead of hours and providing a view of the cross-section of all of their sites. The organization now has always-on network availability, reduced downtime, failover with a cellular card and true out-of-band.