Road to Resilience Webinar Series:

Out-of-Band Management:
More than a Safety Net?

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A natural disaster … cyberattacks …system-wide power outages… a global pandemic … Is your network ready for the next unplanned disruption, no matter what that is?

From the earliest terminal servers to today’s advanced out-of-band management appliances, network engineers have always understood the need for a safety net when the network goes down. But that investment can yield much more.

IoT, SD-WAN, 5G – every move towards a more distributed, more virtual network, increases the risk of failure and adds pressure to the physical infrastructure that keeps it all running.

Just as the introduction of SDN drove the separation of the Control and Data planes, it’s now time to liberate the Management plane. A truly resilient network needs an independent management plane: a secure, admin-only network to manage and remediate issues outside of the production network, on a daily basis.

In this webinar, the panel discusses the evolution of Out-of-Band management; considers its broader everyday use as the basis of a more resilient network, and outlines the value of implementing a Network Resilience solution that looks beyond reliability.

Here’s what you’ll find in this webinar:

  1. Hear research data on how IT leaders are approaching Network Resilience

  2. Understand the necessity of an independent management plane

  3. Discover the benefits of Smart Out-of-Band Management and NetOps automation

Speakers for this webinar

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal, AvidThink

Gary Marks
President, Opengear

Todd Rychecky
VP of Sales – Americas, Opengear