Road to Resilience Webinar Series:

Network Resilience Across the Globe:
How Supports Gamers Around the World

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When networks were housed in large centralized data centres, network resilience was often thought of in terms of redundancy. But as more compute moves out to the edge, any resilience plan must now consider secure remote access, ease of deployment, scalability, automation capabilities and how to minimize the use of third-party contractors

On this webinar, you’ll hear from. Rick Sloot, COO of, a Ubisoft company. He manages a high-performance global network, hosting online gaming, VoIP services, and enterprises for over 250 million users. Which means downtime, or even an “average” level of latency, is not acceptable and scalability of service is key. Rick will discuss the challenges of operating this global infrastructure in 26 countries across more than 40 POPs.

How are other IT organizations managing their distributed networks? In a survey of 500 global IT professionals, 49% stated that improving Network Resilience was their #1 priority, and 31% reported losses of more than $1M in 12 months due to network outages. Alan Stewart Brown, VP EMEA, will share findings from this survey, and talk about ways to ease the burden of uptime KPIs

In this webinar, moderated by Roy Chua of AvidThink, the panel will discuss the unique considerations in managing a low latency network across multiple locations; discuss the current status of network resilience across the industry, and show the advantages of implementing an independent management plane to ensure a reliable network.

Here’s what you’ll find in this webinar:

  1. Hear how gamers benefit from an unseen high-performance global network
  2. Discover independent research data on evolving attitudes to Network Resilience
  3. Learn the benefits of an independent Out-of-Band Management network

Speakers for this webinar

Rick Sloot

Alan Stewart-Brown
VP EMEA, Opengear

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal, AvidThink