On the road to Cisco Live 2022 with Network Engineers

On the road to Cisco Live 2022 with Network Engineers  

May 23rd, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)

Join us as we begin our journey to Cisco Live! Our panel will discuss the importance of operational and business resilience in organizations, two concepts that have been brought to the forefront due to Covid and other global events.

At Opengear, we’re no stranger to the resilience mindset. It’s in our DNA. As the market leader, we ensure network engineers have the tools to manage, remediate and automate critical applications at all times to attain network resilience. We help organizations safeguard the constant network connectivity needed for operations at all times; on Day One, Every Day, and even During a Disruption.  

Hear our panel of experts’ boots on the ground stories from decades of experience while they discuss business resilience, network automation, and trends in network engineering. Finally, our panel will share what experiences and events they are looking forward to at this year’s Cisco Live, we also want to hear what you’re most excited for!

Register to learn:

  1. The impact of business and operational resilience on the network 
  2. About the state of network automation
  3. Future-proofing skills for network engineers
  4. About upcoming sessions for this year’s Cisco Live  

Speakers for this webinar

Jason Gooley
Technical Evangelist,
Cisco Networks

Girard Kavelines
Cisco Champion, Systems Analyst, & Writer

Doug Wadkins
VP of Product,

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal,