Partner Webinar:
For Day One, Every Day, and When the Network Goes Down!

Jan 21st, at 11:00 AM IST (1 hour)

Out-of-Band management’s primary application is to provide secure, remote access to your critical devices even when the primary network is down. It offers presence and proximity to your distributed network, with a console server at every location, physically connected to routers, switches and key hardware. The addition of 4G-LTE provides a secure alternative access path, and Failover to CellularTM provides enough bandwidth for critical processes to continue to operate during an outage. When the network goes down, Out-of-Band keeps you running.

Join Brendan Walsh, Opengear’s Sales Director for Asia Pacific and Monish Chhabria, Managing Director, Tim Infratech as they discuss secure remote management of your critical network infrastructure and and how an investment in Out-of-Band Management is an investment that pays off every day.

Here’s what we’ll discuss on this webinar:

  1. The value of Out-of-Band Management in a resilient network
  2. Why Opengear is the best tool for network administrators allowing them to work from home
  3. Keeping the network up and running during travel restrictions

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Speakers for this webinar

Brendan Walsh
Sales Director – Asia Pacific, Opengear

Monish Chhabria
Managing Director, Tim Infratech