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We’ve launched a new tier of Lighthouse software to meet the demands of evolving enterprises. Out-of-Band has transitioned from secure emergency access to providing always-on, resilient connectivity between automation tools and the entire network infrastructure. The constant addition of new edge sites and devices, travel restrictions, staff limitations and more, has created the need for full visibility and control.

The launch of our new Lighthouse tier empowers engineers with a clear view across the entire network – without ever having to step on-site. With purpose-built management tools and an API-driven platform as the control center of the Opengear Network Resilience Platform, monitoring and management capabilities of network devices via connected console servers at each location is at your fingertips. Powering the engineers have unparalleled visibility to the backbone of their enterprise – the IT infrastructure. Let’s talk about our tiers.

Lighthouse Enterprise

Lighthouse Enterprise is ready-made for everyday use. It provides the redundancy and resiliency needed for evolving networks through multi-instance capabilities. Providing presence and proximity to critical devices, engineers control every aspect of their network through one central hub. Multi-instance capabilities provide the resiliency and redundancy needed for evolving networks. Each subscription allows for up to 11 total Lighthouse instances (primary and 10 secondaries), provides Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) for remote IP access for each node, and enables access to MessageBus along with all current or future plugins (Zapier).

Some features include:

  • Third-Party Integrations: Compatible with over 2,000 integrations with Zapier
  • SDI: Grants users secure, centralized routed access to remote IP network segments
  • Scalability: Add more nodes as needs grow
  • High Availability: Run multiple instances across the site to balance connectivity load and ensure redundancy
  • Security: Integrated authentication via AAA protocols (TACACS, RADIUS, LDAP) adds a layer of security and provides the ability to control permissions

Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition

This tier is purpose-built for your automation needs. An advanced offering, it provides users with additional functionality needed for automation and operation. The expanded automation edition contains all the features of Lighthouse Enterprise, includes Automation Gateway for each node and provides Secure Provisioning for every node – something every organization will want access to.

Features include:

  • Automation Gateway: Unified, vendor-neutral interface that represents the entire infrastructure
    • Gets configuration and operational data to their automation tools and target infrastructure
    • Creates a resilient network overlay
    • Provides a centralized API to access services in remote networks
  • Secure Provisioning: Remotely provision new network devices via a connected Opengear console server without an on-site engineer or connected LAN and WAN. Use NetOps tools to automate the configuration and provisioning of a unit.
    • Accelerates deployments and recovery from outages
    • Enables Day One Provisioning and disaster recovery
  • Future Developments: Opengear is constantly working on new features to support our customers growing needs. These will be included in your license at no additional cost, as they become available

As demands evolve, networks are only going to get more difficult to manage. Make sure you have the visibility and control you need. Ready for a new view?

Download Lighthouse now.

Download the Lighthouse Data Sheet


*Lighthouse (Standard) and NetOps Provisioning (NOM-PROV) will reach end-of-sales (EOS) as of June 30, 2021. Opengear will continue to provide technical support to any customer with an active subscription of Lighthouse (Standard).