If you have a need for a high-density terminal server and you’ve always relied on the EOL Cisco 2900 or any ISR router, take a look at the Opengear Infrastructure Manager IM7200 and Console Server CM7100. These devices are embedded with our Smart OOBTM technology and are purpose built to provide terminal/console server access. They can easily be substituted into new or existing data centers and come in various port densities ranging from 8 to 96. Opengear is designed specifically to work with Cisco equipment. That’s why we’re honored to be a Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner and continue to engineer and build advanced out-of-band solutions to support a wide range of devices.


  • 8-96 console ports
  • Plug and play USB console functionality
  • Embedded fiber, PSTN and cellular
  • Lower cost to own
  • Straight forward cabling
    • No complex and expensive NIM modules
    • Eliminate patch panels
    • Save rack space
  • 100% Cisco Compatible

Cisco recommends the ISR4000 series as an end-of-life alternative to the ISR2911 combined with NIM modules. With our IM7200 solution, you can connect up to 48 devices with an embedded PSTN modem and/or cellular. The new ISR4000 can only connect up to 32 devices in the same 1 RU configuration.

Spec Comparison

Spec Cisco
Form Factor 1 RU – 2 RU 1 RU 1 RU
WAN Ports 1 -2 GbE/SFP PoE available 2 GbE 2 GbE/SFP Fiber
OOB Console Ports 4-48 (Module addons) 16-96 8-48
Cabling Proprietary Straight Cables Software selectable
Power Options PoE, AC and DC SAC and DAC DAC, DDC
Environmental Monitoring No Yes Yes
Out-of-Band Basic Smart OOB Cellular or PSTN
USB Ports 1-2 2 2
Routing Router N/A IP Passthrough via cellular

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