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Physical + cyber security in a converged IT + OT world

Enterprise and governments are struggling to maintain their complex IT infrastructure in the face of ramping security pressures and rampant attacks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to magnify this complexity, introducing billions of connected devices that sense and control the physical world. The resultant convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) infrastructures will significantly expand the threat landscape.


Smartly connected products are transforming competition

You may have seen the recent Harvard Business Review article in which Michael Porter and James Heppelmann describe How Smart Connected Products Are Transforming Competition. These smart connected products (a.k.a. the Internet of Things) are seen to be unleashing the third wave of IT-driven transformation and a new era of competition. Porter and Heppelmann say that the first two waves (the IT automation of the 1960s/70s followed by the Internet wave of 1980s/90s) radically reshaped competition and strategy, and delivered huge productivity gains and economic growth. (more…)

Why We’ve Supported OpenSSL and Why We’re Happy to See Others Now Joining Us

Open Source has always been important throughout our ten year run at Opengear. Heck, it’s even part of our name. OpenSSL has been around even longer than us – since 1998 – and the cryptographic library has been something we’ve taken a keen interest in, as a user of the technology and as a financial supporter, for many of those years. Now, as “OpenSSL” has become visible outside the developer community due to last month’s HeartBleed vulnerability, we thought it time to reinforce why (more…)