smart solutions?

At Cisco Live, our team of out-of-band experts discussed with you products specifically built to ensure business continuity for your organization through always-on resilient access. As a reminder here’s a list of solutions you may have discussed with one of our team members:

SD-WAN and Smart OOB

SD-WAN deployments increase the flexibility of network configurations, reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive MPLS circuits and intuitively balances traffic across wide area networks (WAN) by automatically determining the most effective route. Smart Out-of-Band (Smart OOB™) from Opengear ensures secondary access in the event of an outage. Adding Opengear solutions to each deployment ensures true out-of-band cellular and provides failover to cellular.


Lighthouse 5

Control your network through a single pane of glass. Lighthouse 5 provides always-on resilient access to connected IT infrastructure. Specifically designed and built for NetOps, it reduces manual operations, decreases deployment costs and guarantees repeatability. This central network hub will allow your organization to seamlessly manage all network devices remotely.


The IM7200 Infrastructure Manager as a replacement for your ISR 2900

Safeguard business continuity with the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager. This advanced console server provides secure and reliable access through Smart OOB. Streamlining remote management of your network, the IM7200 delivers monitoring and remediation to ensure always-on connectivity.


ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway

Ensure uptime at branch offices and remote sites with the Resilience Gateway. Utilizing integrated RESTful API and Smart OOB, your organization will have always-on access to network devices through enterprise-grade security. When the primary network is down, this cellular-enabled console server provides automated alerts to identify issues at the network’s edge before they become failures.


NetOps Automation Platform

Significantly streamline network and infrastructure operations with a platform that will offer enterprises a full-featured network automation solution. It leverages expanded capabilities within Opengear’s Lighthouse 5 centralized management system, and a growing array of NetOps module applications.