Road to Resilience Webinar Series:

The Road to Resilience

A series of webinars, moderated by Roy Chua of AvidThink, exploring the idea of network resilience. Each panel session features IT leaders from around the industry, sharing their viewpoint.

#3: Network Resilience: The Key to Uptime in the Data Center
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Failure is not an option when you’re managing a Data Center.

So to be sure that the operation is reliable, all parts of the data center must be considered – from the applications software at the top of the stack, through to the physical IT infrastructure in the rack, and down to the facilities supporting that hardware.

In this webinar, Mark Harris of the Uptime Institute, shares his thoughts on the key factors behind operating a resilient data center. We also discuss some of the findings in the Uptime Institute’s 2020 Data Center Industry Survey, which reveal what operators around the world are thinking, doing and planning in the areas of efficiency, resiliency, and new technology adoption.

Mark Harris
SVP, Uptime Institute

#2: Network Resilience across the Globe. How
The Supports Gamers Around the World
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Rick Sloot, COO of, a Ubisoft company, manages a high-performance global network, hosting online gaming, VoIP services, and enterprises for over 250 million users. Which means downtime, or even an “average” level of latency, is not acceptable and scalability of service is key. Rick discusses the challenges of operating this global infrastructure in 26 countries across more than 40 POPs.

How are other IT organizations managing their distributed networks? In a survey of 500 global IT professionals, 49% stated that improving Network Resilience was their #1 priority, and 31% reported losses of more than $1M in 12 months due to network outages. Alan Stewart Brown, VP EMEA, shares the findings from this survey, and talks about ways to ease the burden of uptime KPIs.

Rick Sloot

Alan Stewart-Brown
VP EMEA, Opengear

#1: Out-of-Band Management: More than a Safety Net?
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From the earliest terminal servers to today’s advanced out-of-band management appliances, network engineers have always understood the need for a safety net when the network goes down. But that investment can yield much more.

Just as the introduction of SDN drove the separation of the Control and Data planes, it’s now time to liberate the Management plane. A truly resilient network needs an independent management plane: a secure, admin-only network to manage and remediate issues outside of the production network, on a daily basis.

Gary Marks, President of Opengear, and Todd Rychecky, VP Americas, discuss the evolution of Out-of-Band Management, with Roy Chua of AvidThink.

Gary Marks
President, Opengear

Todd Rychecky
VP Americas, Opengear